3 Strategies to Explode Sales For Your Supplement Brand
Are you looking to sell more products for your Supplement brand?

Would you like to learn how to 10X your sales efforts?

Follow along to learn about 3 strategies our top clients have leveraged and scaled to maximize their Supplement sales...

Strategy #1 - Chatbots

Facebook messenger is exploding in popularity by the day. Every 20 minutes there is over 3 million messages sent out!

According to Statista Facebook currently boasts over 2.5 billion users. With this data in mind you'll want to leverage Facebook messenger as much as possible to sell more of your Supplement products.
What Facebook Chatbot Platform Should You Use?

There are several Chatbot platforms available on the market but the one we recommend using is called ManyChat.

ManyChat is very user friendly and helps you seamlessly connect with your potential customers. They have a simple visual drag and drop builder that helps you create powerful flows and sequences to stay in front of your potential customers.

The Proof Is In The Pudding 

Here at Rocktomic we practice what we preach. This is a screenshot of one of our Facebook ad accounts that illustrates the power of Chatbot marketing.

Rocktomic FB Ads

As you can see we spent $709.59 and returned $5,168.00 on one of our ads, netting a 7.28X ROI. And on another ad we spent $936.68 and returned $5,988.00, a 6.39X ROI.

The lowest ROI we've seen on our Chatbot ads has been around a 1.5X ROI so this strategy has proven to be very profitable for us. Keep in mind a lot of this revenue is MRR, or monthly recurring revenue so what you see above is mostly front end returns.

What we've found is that with Chatbot marketing we are able to have more meaningful conversations with our prospects. Additionally, we're able to automate a portion of the sales process which allows us to scale more rapidly. 

Keep in mind that you'll never want to fully automate your sales processes with Chatbots. The key is to use them as a conversation starter tool and then to engage your prospects with things like FB groups, phone calls, videos, and retargeting ads to close the deal.

Follow these steps to setup your chatbot for your Supplement brand...

Step 1: Create Your Account

The first thing you'll want to do is to create your ManyChat account. It's free to start and you can set up your account here.

Step 2: Link Your Facebook Business

Next you're going to select the Connect button to link your Facebook Business page to ManyChat.

Step 3: Select Automation and Then Create Your Welcome Message

Now you'll come up with a welcome message that introduces your potential Supplement customers to your business. 

You can get creative by adding images, lists, videos, and audio. The idea here is to engage your audience as much as possible and to create the best first impression you can. This is very powerful since you now have the ability to essentially retarget your clients via messages which can be costly using other marketing methods.

Here's a video tutorial resource you can use to help you setup your welcome message.

Step 4: Create Keywords to Automate Your Bot Replies

Click the “new keyword” button in the top right-hand corner and then type in the keyword.

Next you'll input your keyword. In this case we used the word "catalog" to automatically send a message that includes our product catalog to our prospect. Then select your channel, either Messenger or SMS. 
And finally select the "Action" button which will allow you to do several things like:

      •Adding a tag

      •Subscribing a contact to a sequence

      •Unsubscribing someone from your bot

      •Creating a custom audience on Facebook

Step 5: Add a CTA Button To Your Page

Go to your Facebook business page and select the button at the bottom right corner of your cover image.

Rocktomic FB Home Page

From there you'll select the "Contact you" button and press "Send Message."

Now when someone selects the "Send Message" button on your Facebook business page you'll capture them as a lead in your Chatbot. This gives you the opportunity to engage them, follow up with them, provide value and ultimately sell them your products and services!

For more in depth training you can check out this free video course by ManyChat that walks you through their entire platform step by step.

Strategy #2 - Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are an incredibly powerful way to market to your Supplement audiences. And they work hand in hand with our Chatbot marketing strategy we talked about above.

In 2019 alone Facebook generated 70.7 billion dollars, up from 55.8 billion dollars the year before. As you could have guessed the majority of their revenue comes from digital advertising. This tells us that millions of businesses are leveraging the power of Facebook.

Facebook ads have been a core staple of our advertising strategy here at Rocktomic. There's 3 main reasons why we're big fans of using Facebook ads for you Supplement brand:

Reason #1 - Setup Is Fast & User Friendly

Facebook makes it very easy to get started. You simply go to: https://business.facebook.com/ and can create your account for free.

All you need to do is put your credit card on file and you can be up and running in minutes.

Reason #2 - Your Targeting Options are Endless

With Facebook you're able to target your ideal customers with several different options including:

      •Location: You can target by state, county, country, zip code, where they work, etc.

      •Demographics: This includes data like age, sex, etc.

      •Interests: You can advertise to people based on specific pages they like.

      •Behaviors: You can target based on specific things like income, purchase habits and more. 

      •Engagement: This is when someone comments, likes, shares one of your posts, or follows your business page.

Follow These Steps to Create Your Own Facebook Ads...

Step 1: Log Into Your Account and Select the "Create" Button

Step 2: Select Your Marketing Objective

If you are just launching your advertising campaign we recommend starting with the Traffic or Messages objective. This will either drive traffic directly to your landing page/website or straight into Facebook messenger.

Once you drive more traffic to your site and start getting sales Facebook will gather more data on your ideal customers. After this happens you'll want to experiment with the Conversion objective. These leads will cost more money but will definitely convert at a higher rate for you.

Here's some results we've had using the Traffic objective:

You'll notice the Cost per Result is very low, around the 40-60 cent range. This is good, however the only thing that matter is your ROAS, or Return On Ad Spend.

Now here are results we've had using the Conversion objective:

As you can see the Conversion objective performs much better in terms of ROAS and overall profitability. You'll want to keep that in mind when creating your own Facebook ad campaigns for your Supplement brand.

Step 3: Select Your Audience

Step 4: Select Your Targeting

Here you can get really creative and also laser target your audience. Using the example niche of "Surfing" you will want to target an age that most surfers would fall into. We went with 22-42. 

In terms of Detailed Targeting you want to dial in your dream customer as much as possible. We targeted:

      •Laird Hamilton: a famous surfer.

      •Surfer Magazine: a well know surfing publication.

      •Surf Culture: an interest most likely shared by people who enjoy surfing.

Step 5: Select Your Placements/Budget/Schedule

Here you will want to experiment with either the Automatic placements or Manual placements tab. We've had the most success with Automatic placements when targeting a large audience. 


When targeting a smaller audience you'll want to go for the Manual placements option and go with the "Facebook News Feed" and "Facebook Right Column" options. The reason we've found for this is most people view content on mobile but purchase later on desktop. The "Facebook News Feed" and "Facebook Right Column" options are great for retargeting ads and getting people to purchase with higher conversion rates.

Step 6: Choose Your Ad Format

We recommend starting with the Single Image or Video option. As always you'll want to test all options out to see what works best for your niche/target audience.

Step 7: Create Your Headline/Ad Copy + Add Your Website URL

Here is your chance to really capture your potential customers attention. Remember your ad image/video's only job is to stop someone in their tracks and to get them to read your ad copy. 

Your ad copy has one job as well, to sell someone on clicking your CTA button. 

Be sure to test as many different ad images, videos, ad copy variations as possible to achieve the best results possible.

If you really want to take your Facebook ad skills to the next level consider going through Facebook's Blueprint Course. It's completely free and you can get direct access here.

Strategy #3 - Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing has proven to be a great investment for many of our top clients. Keep in mind it is a long play but if done right, can yield massive returns for your Supplement brand.

There are several statistics that illustrate the power and effectiveness of Influencer Marketing:

Follow These Steps to Launch Your Own Influencer Marketing Campaign...

Step 1: Download Your Free Influencer Marketing Campaign Template

It's very important to keep all of your marketing efforts nicely organized and well documented. The reason for this is that the magic is in the data. The more you can easily identify trends and patterns in your marketing the better.

Here is a free template you can download to keep track of all of your potential Influencer prospects courtesy of AspireIQ: download here.

Step 2: Reach Out to Micro-Influencers

There's a lot of reasons to love Micro-Influencers. They can have anywhere from thousands to tens of thousands of followers. Due to their relatively smaller audiences they typically have high engagement rates on their content.

How to work with Micro-Influencers...

Micro Influencers are usually quite responsive to things like email, direct messages, etc. You will find them on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Here's a free resource with 11 outstanding email templates courtesy of Ninja Outreach. You can get access here

Step 2: Reach Out to Blog Influencers

A blog influencer is someone who not only writes for their own established blog but also has thousands, or millions, of subscribers/readers.

How to work with Blog Influencers...

To collaborate with blog influencers, you might write a guest post for their blog, ask them to be mentioned in one of their posts, or sponsor on of their posts about your Supplement products. 

Rather than emailing them directly, first try and comment on their blog posts. Offer as much value as you can, share their content and let them know how much you enjoy it. After you've engaged with their content reach out via email or direct message and ask them if they'd be interested in a partnership of some kind with you.

Step 3: Reach Out to Large Influencers

Large Influencers have massive followings, typically in the millions. Because they are widely recognized they have a high probability for successfully influencing your Supplement customers.

How to work with Celebrity Influencers...

One way to connect with Celebrity Inflencers is to work directly with their agents. You can start out by trying to connect with them via their social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube. Many of them also have official websites with an option to reach out to them via email.

Another good option is to leverage Celebrity Influencer social platforms. To get access to the top 10 platforms for finding Celebrity Influencers just click here.


To get the most out of these 3 Strategies and to sell more products for your Supplement brand make sure to test each one as much as possible. There's no silver bullet strategy when it comes to selling more products. But you will find lots of success as you test, experiment and scale what's working.

Try these strategies out and have fun with it! 

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  • Easy to use Private Label Drop Ship Platform!
  • ​Choose from over 100+ Private Label products! 
  • Get your products labeled + fulfilled on demand!
  • ​Don't pay for products until you've sold them!
  • ​No minimums required on all online orders! 
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